словно чёрная лиса в норе
Народ аппалачских гор, Америка в Америке.
Реднеки, хиллбилли и почему это не одно и то же.
Реднеки - это гномы, а хиллбилли - это хоббиты. Или нет)

What It Means to Be a 'Redneck' or a 'Hillbilly'

"A true redneck don't give a shit about nothing but putting food on the table, working, and getting drunk. A man ain't got a job and can't provide for himself can go to hell as far as I care."

How would you describe "redneck" to someone who has never heard the term? I'd think I'd have to say, "Go back to the city."

"A redneck is like the people who hang out in the Walmart parking lot, spend all their money on, like, upgrading their trucks, buying stupid Garth Brooks CDs. A hillbilly is like my grandpa—he never had a bank account in his life, he lived off the land as much as he could, he was poor as shit, but he was happy as shit. To me that's a hillbilly, people who don't judge people."

"I think a lot of the time we just look at ourselves as West Virginians. I look at myself as a West Virginian, not black or white or any other color. I surprise people when I go and play music because I do country. I surprise white, and I surprise black—I surprise both sides with what I do."

"Throughout the years, I've seen whites call other whites white trash, and I've seen dark-skinned blacks say something about lighter-skinned blacks, "You high yellow," something like that. Everyone always wants to be a little higher class than somebody else. That's just the way it is."

"It's like "punk"; I went to this store in New York, like a punk store, and they're selling all these T-shirts, and everyone's getting all these tattoos. That's not very punk! Everyone's wearing the same T-shirts, and they all have the same uniform on. The redneck thing is maybe similar to that. It's commodified and commercialized now. And people do it because they think it's rebellious or different, when it reality it's just another bullshit word."

"Redneck is a state of action. You do things to be a redneck. Shoot guns, drink domestic beer, support right-wing politics. White trash, hick, etc. are states of being. You are these things because of what you are. Class, worldview, etc. Hillbilly is a state of mind, though. It's metaphysical and ephemeral and contradictory."

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2016-07-23 в 18:59 

Fidelia Fairyteller
A dream is a goal without a deadline
12-88, спасибо. Интересно и логично)

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словно чёрная лиса в норе
Fidelia Fairyteller, =)
там весь цикл статей интересный.

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